FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluations) based on the Matheson Program

A Matheson FCE is a FCE performed by a "Matheson Trained Thinking Evaluator", who has the skills, interest and time to consciously structure the evaluation, administer tests, gather and interpret data, report the results at a high level and make informed decisions with regard to the gather facts. These FCEs are more tailored and customized towards the client's actual job demands.

Work-site Risk Factor Analysis

Mike Torres is a certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, providing job site evaluations to identify risk factors for Musculoskeletal disorders.

Essential Function Job Analysis

On-site evaluation of the physical demands required to perform a job and creation of an ADAA compliant job description with listed essential and marginal functions.

Post Offer Employment Testing

Creation and validation of post offer employment tests to make sure the people you hire are physically capable of performing the job's physical demands.